How to Set Achievable Business Goals?

December 20, 2023

There is no lack of talk about chasing lofty goals this time of the year. But nobody seems to address the question of how you define realistic and achievable business goals that will get you somewhere.

I’m in a bit of a reflective mood. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

The end of the year does that to me. 😂

It’s an interesting journey, because unwaveringly, I start the year with plans and visions of growth and determination to conquer new heights.

And then,… as the year progresses, the unexpected challenges get thrown my way. Sending me off course and testing my resilience.

2023 was exactly like that, … on steroids!

There have been plenty of solid wins, for sure.


Talking to business owners around me, I realise it’s not just me, but just about everybody.

That said ….it’s nothing a good self-pep-talk can’t fix, right? …RIGHT?!

Setting Achievable Business Goals Step 1: Reflecting On The Year That Has Passed

We’ve done the reflection on the year that is gone in the previous episode. (You can find it here)

So, it’s time to take the next step.

Put your feet up and grab your favourite cuppa. We’re moving our thoughts from reflection on the past to a new year brimming with new focus and fresh energy. 💪

Done with the stock-take, we’re now stepping it up past our unstoppable vision to setting achievable business goals for 2024. And we’re not letting a few hurdles stop us!

I’m looking at you, 2023!

Setting Achievable Business Goals Step 2: Moving from Reflection to Unstoppable Vision

Correct me if I’m wrong, but for every podcast I turn to, “goals” are the topic of the moment.

The next thing?

We get busy jotting down aspirations, milestones, dreams, and ideals. AND UNICORNS AND FAIRY TALES. 🦄 🧝‍♀️

Because without failure, nobody tells you HOW to define an achievable business goal that will get you somewhere. (Let’s face it, without a vision, a goal is nothing more than a beautiful but lofty wish.)

Don't get me wrong, I love dreams and bucket lists as much as the next person. But we shouldn’t mistake them for our realistic business goals for the new year. Not just like that, anyway.

Not before you take them through a “reality” filter (the reflection step from the previous episode) and the “Unstoppable Vision” filter (The bigger picture that defines where you want to take your business in the next 3 years or so.)

If you haven't documented your Unstoppable Vision yet, this is precisely where you should start.

If you have already done this, ask yourself, 'Is this still where I want to head?'

I can’t stress the importance of checking in with your vision enough.

Because your Unstoppable Vision is your Southern Cross, guiding every decision and strategy.

It's the compass that keeps you on track, ESPECIALLY when the path gets a bit challenging.

Setting Achievable Business Goals Step 3: Crafting a Rock Solid Annual Plan

Okay, once you've crafted (or updated) your Unstoppable Vision, you need to turn those dreams into reality.

Because (and here lies the difference!) we did the reflection and checked those dreams against our vision, they are no longer random and fluffy, but laser-focused.

But we’re not done with the culprits yet.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their business goals is because they bite off more than they can chew and get overwhelmed by the vastness of what they set out to achieve.

If it’s too hard, too big, too overwhelming, we give up. Sad but true.

So, the next step is to condense these goals to a manageable 3-5 and then translate those grand aspirations into actionable steps. Chop up the big goal and turn it into bite size sub-goals that serve the big goal.

It’s time to build the “Rock Solid Annual Plan”!

But, honestly,…HOW do you set business goals and translate them into a plan? It sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done.

My Being Boss "Pāhi Puawai" Coaching Programme

That’s why I introduced my Being Boss "Pāhi Puawai" Coaching Programme a year ago. Not to blow my own trumpet, but last year’s feedback was overwhelmingly praising.

  • We start with a close examination of the areas in your business that are ripe for improvement. I guide you through the business reflection, as I explained in our previous episode. 
  • From there, we set realistic business goals that are like targeted arrows that hit the bulls-eye. No program teaches you how to decide on the goal. They just tell you to select the goal. We, on the other hand, work through a strategic process. You know, vision and priorities and so.
  • Three to five goals become the pillars of your Rock Solid Annual Plan. We choose them strategically to address key areas we identified during your annual review, but also aligned with your Unstoppable Vision. The trick is to not to try to do it all, but doing what truly moves the needle.

Do You Want Some Help With That?

Come and join the coaching program so I can help YOU achieve your vision and translate it into achievable business goals.

Because, without wanting to sound dramatic, at this point, you're genuinely standing at a crossroads.

  • You can continue to navigate your entrepreneurial journey alone, grappling with challenges and hurdling obstacles independently.
  • You can choose a path where you're not alone, but where expertise and personalised support guide every step.

The link is waiting for your click.

Me, I can't wait to launch you into a journey of growth full of clarity and confidence.

Your next chapter begins with a simple push of the button. Let's make 2024 your best year yet. Together!

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