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A Business You Can Run From Anywhere

Bianca Smith from Simplified VA Services needed a business you can run from anywhere. 3 years ago, she did just that. Then the whole thing took off like a wildfire. Ever tried building a career when you have to pack up and nest in a different spot every couple of years? It’s a struggle. Ask Bianca...

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Your Brand Avatar is Your Best Friend

Your brand avatar is your best friend. If you want to attract your dream customers, you need some solid brand foundations. And Rachel Reiter is right on to it! Welcome to Rachel’s world! Rachel says you’re about to have a new best friend. Say hello to your brand avatar! Dream customers,...

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Organic Traffic on Steroids

Linda Barutha drives organic traffic on steroids with Pinterest clicks and pins. It’s the untapped SEO equivalent of gold for online businesses of all sorts.   Here’s a tip... Want to avoid all the drama and bad grammar on Facebook? Head over to Pinterest! (I got that from a meme on Pinterest, in...

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Marketing Your Way

Who says there is only one way to do business or marketing? Sahara Leigh takes Marketing Your Way to a new level. For her business, the marketing strategy evolves around conversation. Sahara Leigh is an Integrated Wellness Specialist. When I ask her who she serves ( I’m thinking ‘Who is your...

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Online Business Advice Beyond The BS

Teresa from Growth Strategies Cafe offers online business advice beyond the BS. Teresa doesn’t sell cleverly marketed  ‘secret recipes for success’ to her clients. Instead, she works in a very holistic common-sense way.   ‘If you want to be coddled, call your mum. If you want to hear the truth,...

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How to Improve Productivity

Personality driven productivity coach Lisa Zawrotny uses self-awareness, simplicity and systems to improve productivity YOUR way.  A business coach and a productivity coach walk into a bar... Oh, wait... that was a joke from 2019. These days they join a podcast! What do they discuss? What to do...

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Creating Your Ideal Life With The Freedom Metric

The Freedom Metric makes it possible to run your business in such a way that it allows you to live your ideal lifestyle. It’s easier than you think. Why did you start your business? I’m sure you remember vividly. Was it because it was your ticket to freedom? Until you got in the thick of it,...

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Hiring a Fractional Employee is a Win-Win

Offering her services as a fractional employee proved to be the golden ticket for Business Growth & Systems Strategist Kristen Westcott. Our heroes come in many shapes and forms.  (I know, it’s been discussed a bit lately.) What they all have in common is that they provide light where we least...

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How to Become a Digital Nomad

Are you sick of the rat-race and wondering how to become a digital nomad, but have no idea where to start or if it's even possible? We have some news for you and her name is Yvette Mayer.  We have a chat with Yvette on our first Business Your Way Guest Episode.  If you could have it any way you...

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The 4 Elements of a Scalable Business

There are certain elements that can be universally applied and are non-negotiable to every successful scalable business. I call them ‘The 4 elements of a scalable business’. They work miracles for my business. The 3 core elements of a successful business, the 4 essential pillars of business, the 5...

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The Business Your Way Podcast

After running a very successful business herself, Sandra Julian is more passionate than ever about helping woman and minority populations create a business that gives them freedom. The Business Your Way Podcast is about throwing out the traditional rule book and learning how to run YOUR business...

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