100 Episodes of The Business Your Way Podcast!

August 2, 2023

We’ve reached episode 100 on the Business Your Way podcast, which of course is reason to celebrate! And I’m sharing the top 5 things I learned while doing these 100 episodes.

So here we are!

100! 🥳

A Business Your Way podcast for every past 100 weeks!

Did I blow myself away? You bet I did!


In the past few weeks, I asked what you would most appreciate.

I got several replies. But what that made me realise was … I didn’t want to pick and choose.

Instead, I wanted to be available to you no matter what help you need most.

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5 Things I Learned While Doing 100 Episodes On The Business Your Way Podcast.


It’s fair to say I’ve learned a thing or two. …Or Five. 😂

So let’s see what they are! 

BYW PODCAST LESSON 1: Talking Into A Microphone Isn't As Easy As It Seems

Doing a podcast has been a bit of a learning curve. The word “steep” comes to mind.

In the beginning, I would choose a topic, create some talking points and away I'd go. Just chatting into the microphone. 🎤

Going around in circles.
Just rambling on.
60 minutes. Sometimes longer.
Useful examples?… Couldn’t do those on the spot. 😂

If you were around for that and you’re still here today, YOU’RE MY HERO!

100 Business Your Way podcast episodes later…
I know I need to prepare:

  • What do my listener want to hear? Need to hear? 
  • What point am I trying to make?
  • What practical guidance do I have to share?
  • Am I sticking to my 20-40 minute goal?
  • What’s the call to action? 

BYW PODCAST LESSON 2: Creating Content Forced Me To Clarify My Point Of View

I'm the kind of person who learns by doing.

I do, I reiterate and then improve the result over time.

But doing it yourself is one thing. Telling someone else what you do and why you do, it is a different thing altogether.

So on more than one occasion, I've had to reflect on why a particular strategy has been effective.

Doing the Business Your Way podcast gave me the opportunity to look at my thoughts and my business practices to clarify how I've developed a certain point of view.


Because I think it's unlikely I would have taken the time to ask myself why I do what I do, why I believe certain things work and others don't.

BYW PODCAST LESSON 3: My Team Has Been Valuable Beyond What They Realise 

I’ve always known I didn’t have the time to do every single thing that is needed to make this podcast.

Now, I’m no Meghan Markle. I definitely do the interviews and solo episodes on the Business Your Way podcast myself. Also, the thoughts and ideas are entirely my own. 😉

But I’m also no superwoman. Besides the podcast, I run my business events and my coaching business.

So I’ve always known I needed to surround myself with a team to carry out some of the tasks in order for me to focus on the content.

Maybe it’s time I introduce them.

  • I have a podcast editor: LJS Creative Services
  • I have a blog writer: Bellbird Writing
  • I have an offshore marketing coordinator who uploads the blogs to the website, sends out the weekly emails, and creates the social media posts. 

But what my team doesn’t know is that if it wouldn’t have been for them, there would have been weeks where I would have just pushed the podcast aside.

You know,… the usual: things going on in my personal life, (I've shared those on the BYW podcast), or business was so busy I would have pushed the podcast down the priority list.

So I am grateful for my podcast team, who have made sure I remained consistent and got to the 100 Business Your Way podcast episodes milestone.

BYW PODCAST LESSON 4: Connecting With Other Incredible Entrepreneurs.

Being a business owner can get lonely at times.

So being able to talk to the guests on the podcast has been wholesome.

I can honestly say that I have learned something from each Business Your Way podcast

But what I hadn’t anticipated is that no matter where you are in the world, running a small business is a universal thing.

Of course, this makes sense when you consider that these days, we can create a business that is no longer limited by geographical boundaries.

Speaking with other small business owners has highlighted that when we participate in a global economy, it's no good talking to everybody and their grandmother, hoping the right people will come to us.

More than ever, it made me realise we have to cut through the noise. You know, talk to our ideal client, so we connect.

So this is a shout out to all the guests that have been on the Business Your Way podcast in the last 100 episodes. I am hugely grateful for your contribution!

BYW PODCAST LESSON 5: Commitment To Consistency Requires Accountability

Ok, you may need to read that one again.

If you want to be consistent (like do 100 podcast episodes without missing a beat), you’re going to need someone to hold you accountable.

But it doesn’t just apply to podcast people. It’s a general business rule. Heck, make it a life rule.

I guess I needed to hear this.

I've talked about the importance of consistency on the Business Your Way podcast before. (You can find it here.)

Consistency is important because that’s when you learn, improve, and are rewarded.

However, consistency can be incredibly hard. (Ask me how I know!)

I’ve seen many other business owners struggle with it; implementing amazing strategies and projects that went absolutely nowhere because of a lack of consistency.
It was like a flash in the pan, great in the moment, but without long-term benefit for the business

But I’ve also seen businesses who have been consistent in every new strategy. Making sure they get one strategy or project right before they move on to the next thing. Those are the businesses that experienced tremendous growth and success.

The difference between those two, in my humble opinion, is accountability.


  • to your team
  • to your contractors
  • to your business coach

It doesn’t really matter who it is. As long as you have that someone who will tap you on the shoulder when things aren’t done as they should.


Those are my top five things that I've learned in recording 100 BYW podcast

What’s Next For The Business Your Way Podcast? 

What does the future hold?

👉 My goal for the next 100 is to expose the BYW podcast to even more people, but I'm gonna need your help with that.

  • I’d love it if you would take a screenshot of wherever you are listening to this episode. 
  • Share it in your Instagram or Facebook stories and tag me.
  • I’d like to say thank you give you a shout out. 

👉 Also, we are moving into a new episode rotation for the rest of 2023. So between now and the end of the year, we'll release fortnightly episodes.

👉 And finally, I'm looking for new guests on the podcast. If you have worked with someone and you think other business owners would also benefit from what this person has to share. I would love to hear about them.

So if you've got any recommendations, please get in touch here.


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