Lynda’s Favourite Podcast Episode for Service Business

September 27, 2023

Instead of me chatting away on this week’s episode, I’m handing the mic to Lynda Stevenson of LJS Creative Services, my podcast editor and manager. She lets you in on her personal favourite podcast episode for service business.

For the next two weeks, I’m handing over the mic to my podcast team.

This week, it’s Lynda Stevenson’s turn, my podcast editor and manager.

Lynda is the owner of LJS Creative Services and honestly a jack of all trades. She’s a true gem, and I couldn’t do without her.

For the BYW podcast, she takes my raw audio recording, adds an intro, outro and music, along with any intermission voice overs. She makes sure the overall conversation flows well and sounds good. She then creates the audiograms and updates the social graphics to promote each episode on the various platforms.

For me, it means I can focus on recording meaningful content, my coaching for BYW, the strategy for both my businesses, and the events that are coming in thick and fast at the moment.

(If you’d like to hand over any or all parts of your own podcast, or thinking of starting your own, get in touch, you can find her links below.)

Lynda’s Pick: Favourite Podcast Episode For Service Business

A female business owner herself, I thought it would be a good idea for you to hear what Lynda’s pick for the BYW best podcast episode for service business is, considering she knows every peep I ever recorded for the podcast.

Here’s what she picked in her own words:

“I really had to think about this, because so many of the episodes are packed with useful advice. But it is episode 78, “8 Essential Tools For Every Small Business” that won the crown.

I picked it because I get totally hung up on Shiny Object Syndrome. There are so many tools available and if there is there a better, shinier tool out there, I’ll find it. 😂 In this episode, Sandra makes such a good argument about the essential tools you really need (rather than want).

For every category, she gives a few options that work for the business stage you are in. Fair to say that this made me feel a lot more in control. To have this list meant I can save money (always Yay to that!), remove the distraction and just get on with my daily business tasks.”

So with all that said and without further ado, here’s Lynda’s BYW best podcast episode for service business.

Let me know what’s your favourite and why!

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