Finding Your Niche in Business

February 8, 2022

aEnter your text herFinding your niche in business isn’t always a straightforward process. Often it’s messy, challenging and rarely what you expect. Elizabeth A. from Studio Classica shares her own higgledy-piggledy journey.
Finding your niche in business… and run with it.
It sounds easy enough from a distance. Yet, when it comes to honing in on YOUR niche in business… Let’s just say it’s often a journey. And very likely, it will take you to places you never expected.
This is true enough for Elizabeth A. from Studio Classica.
What was meant to be a career in architectural design morphed into an agency specialising in brand strategy and Kajabi web design.
How that happened, of course, is a real-life story like no other.

The Long And Windy Road 

The year is 2011.
Elizabeth and her husband are both new graduate architects. It was a long anticipated dream come true. Something the both of them worked very hard for.
But things didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. They may have pocketed the degree, the job market on the other hand was rough. Opportunities for new architectural graduates were…non-existent.
Desperate not to let it beat them, Elizabeth and her husband turned to freelancing websites and picked up odd jobs here and there.

They said ‘Yes’ to EVERYTHING.

Elizabeth’s long-term plan

It was a mad experience and one that’s not necessarily recommended (dixit Elizabeth). But it taught Elizabeth a thing or two.

  1. It helped her work on her skillset.
  2. It helped her figure out what she did and didn’t like.

And she liked the digital design process.

It stuck. And it became the start of Elizabeth’s journey in finding her niche in business.
Soon enough, what was once a husband and wife business became an agency. Elizabeth’s husband returned to his original passion for architectural design, but Elizabeth kept chiselling her skills in brand strategy and web design.
Ultimately, the vision for the future is to merge her virtual design and her husband’s physical design as one congruent flow of design and brand strategy.
I don’t know about you, but it makes sense to me.

Becoming an expert in your niche 

Name the web design platform and Elizabeth knows her way around it.
Yet, she decided Kajabi was going to be her niche. To be fair, Elizabeth likes WordPress too, but she rarely, if ever, takes on WordPress design work these days.
The reason for that is multiple.
As Elizabeth developed an interest in coaching and other knowledge-based business, Kajabi became the natural fit.
But according to Elizabeth, Kajabi has other advantages that suit her client-base.
Kajabi is an all in one solution (taking care of email, online courses, website and payments) for her clients. On top of that, it’s not an overly technical platform. Yet, at the same time, it’s reliable and stable, and it still allows for a fair level of customisation. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Secret To Finding Your Niche? 

So while initially it was saying ‘Yes’ to everything that served Elizabeth well, today it’s saying ‘No’ that helps her define her niche.

In her journey of figuring out her passion and her ideal client, Elizabeth came to realise that just because you can do a lot of things doesn’t mean you should do them all.

Me? …I wholeheartedly agree. It’s the secret to finding your niche.

So where are you in the journey of defining your niche? Has it been an easy process? Or was it like Elizabeth’s, full of surprises? Or maybe you’re still in the say ‘Yes’ to everything stage? If that’s the case, head over to the podcast and listen to Elizabeth describing her journey in her own words. You may pick up a thing or two about Kajabi along the way.
Elizabeth A. generously offers a FREE Kajabi checklist ( to help you with the first 8 steps in putting your own Kajabi website together.
I really would love to hear what your thoughts are on finding your niche!

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