The Full Focus Planner Saved My Business Dream

February 23, 2022

When I started using the full focus planner, it put an end  to my ever-growing to-do list, the constant overwhelm and exhaustion. I became a convert and an advocate.
Does this sound like you’re talking?

  • I’m certain some invisible force is holding me hostage by the inescapable distractions. (emails, phone calls, slack message, etc. ) The overwhelm is constant!
  • My to-do list? Do we really have to talk about it? Honestly, it’ is growing rather than shrinking. The long hours I put in don’t seem to make any difference at all!
  • I truly want to be intentional about my business, but where’s the time to think about where I want to take it?
  • And that dream I had for myself and my business? It is sitting on the shelf. Ignored. The truth is... it may never happen. I can’t see how it could. 😥

Hold your horses!
If you find yourself thinking
‘Surely, being in business shouldn’t be that hard and exhausting.’
You’re right!
It shouldn’t and it isn’t. You just need to know how.

Stuck in a cycle of overwhelm? NO MORE!

See, those bullet points at the start of this blog?


It’s how I felt just a few short years ago.
As you know, I like to think of myself as an organised person who has their shit together. But until 2018, I definitely was on the hamster wheel. Permanently exhausted, always working and the worst of it, I could see no path to achieve the big dream I had for my business and lifestyle.
THEN, I discovered the Full Focus Planner. It  had some practical answer to my problems.
Here’s an eye-opener:
I found out that, as humans, our default setting when we feel overwhelmed is checking off THE EASY THINGS from our to-do list. HOWEVER easy doesn’t mean they are a priority! It leaves important things undone, gets us into the cycle of overwhelm, and leaves us with a feeling we’re not getting anywhere!  
So what’s the answer?
Find a way to stay focussed on the priorities. Which is exactly what the Full Focus Planner aims at.

Is The Full Focus Planner Worth It? HECK YEAH!

When I stumbled on the Full Focus Planner, I was desperate and ready to try anything.
So I implemented some of the Full Focus Planner system ideas. Not all of them, but enough to shift the needle. Of course, as soon as that happened, it had my full attention. And when Michael Hyatt introduced the first certified PRO course, I was on it like flies on an egg salad.
While I’m an absolute fan of the planner, I still tweak it my way. (My business isn’t called Business Your Way for nothing! 😊 But I don’t touch the heart of what makes the planner so successful.
For instance, I like to combine it with a project management tool.
And I adjust some details here and there.
But in order to understand what that means, of course, you need to get some of the insight of how it works.

How does the Full Focus Planner work?

The Full Focus Planner shifts your focus from trying to get EVERYTHING done to getting THE RIGHT THINGS done.
Remember that dream you almost gave up on?
The planner helps you put it at the center of what you do.
Based on the dream, it gives you...

  • A framework to turn the dream into goals, and the goals into actionable steps.
  • The Full Focus Planner works on a quarterly level. You set a quarterly big 3, a weekly big 3, and a daily big 3. (For myself, I’ve altered that to a quarterly big 3, a weekly big 3-5, and a daily big 3.)
  • The big dream you had on the shelf becomes within reach!

Everything is built to empower 5 key practices that will change the way you work and how you live.

  1. Goal setting: setting better goals gets you in the right direction and will have you excited. (Remember the SMARTER goals from my previous podcast? ) (
  2. Constraints: interestingly enough, creating constraints forces out of the box thinking and creativity. And it forces prioritization.
  3. Reflection: The planner captures lessons from the past, AND subsequently change your future behaviour.
  4. Planning: Our goals for the future and lessons from the past help us create an achievable plan for your dream.
  5. Automation: Read ‘self-automation’. No computers involved. It’s about simplifying your life and creating good habits : daily rituals and your ‘ideal week’ (

Still confused? Don’t be!

Help is on the way!

You get it; the Full Focus Planner changed my life; it changed the way I work.
If you know me, you know I’m all about sharing, helping and lifting each other.
So as a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, I want to help you with getting the most out of the Full Focus Planner and how it can be implemented in your business. Better still, we can do this your way!
Whether you would like a day of training, or whether you want me to show you how the planner works, or even if you would love someone to bounce off ideas on how to modify the Full Focus Planner for your business.
I’m your gal!
The link to my calendar is here. (
I can’t wait to talk to you!
But in case you want to have a read on the official website first or purchase a Full Focus Planner from the shop, here’s the link: The planner comes in all shapes and sizes (I’m not joking!) and you only need a 90 day commitment to try it out!
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