How To Attract Your Ideal Client

August 10, 2022

In part two of our series about creating a business that is perfectly aligned to your talent, skills and lifestyle choices, we answer the question 'How to attract your ideal client?'

We’re on the road to creating ‘the perfect business’ .
There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ , but one that comes damn close, on the other hand… I say that’s quite achievable with the right focus.
In episode 43, we looked into what it takes to create a business that is aligned with our talents and skills, and provides us with the lifestyle we dream of.
But of course, no business is perfect without with THE PERFECT CLIENT! Which means… it’s time we start a quest: How to attract your ideal client !
Admittedly, identifying your perfect client is one of the most important steps you can take in your business. I call it one of the foundations. Not only is it a joy to work with clients who appreciate and respect you. But if you don’t know who you are talking to, your marketing strategies are going to be hit and miss, which means your sales will fall flat, which means….
Let’s not go there.
Instead, let’s answer the question: How to attract your ideal client and make them totally and utterly fall in love with your business?

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Clients

You know what’s frustrating?
When people tell you you don’t have the experience to organise a 500 person business event when you previously worked a 10,000 person community event with success.  
I’m talking about my own experience, going back an odd 10 years ago. But I’m sure you have a story to match.
Initially, I went to market as a full service events agency. I was doing events of all tastes and flavours. But I kept missing out because ‘I didn’t have the relevant experience’. I HAD the experience. They just weren’t seeing it.
Then I realised: People only take you serious when you fit into their idea of what’s required … and so, they ruled me out.
Long story short… I learned a valuable lesson: I needed to narrow it down and become specific.
I needed to become clear on

  • The perfect client for my business
  • What niche I served
  • What problems I was solving for them.

So, narrowing down, I did. Focussing solely on business events allowed me to become the expert within my niche. My clients soon recognised this and quickly came knocking on my door.
YOUR TO DO: Think about how to define your ideal client. Who are they? What do they do? What problem are you solving for them? Be specific. I’ll repeat: BE SPECIFIC!

Step 2: Create Your Value Proposition Statement

Once you have identified who you will serve, it’s time to take the next step in How to attract your ideal client:  You now need to communicate the message to the outside world.
The tool? Some people call it an elevator pitch, others an I-help statement. I call it a Value Proposition Statement.
Never mind the name, what it boils down to is that you need one or two sentences that clearly but concisely describe WHO you help, WHAT you do and HOW you will get results for them.
 I like to use a value proposition template that goes like this:
I HELP … who do you help?
DO … what do you help with?
SO THAT … what result do you help get?
UNLIKE … customer alternatives?
BECAUSE … your distinction?
This is what I came up with for my business event agency:
WE HELP culturally inclusive service based business leaders
DO elevated thinking
SO THAT they can deliver better business events
UNLIKE other business event managers who focus on execution and logistics
BECAUSE we focus on how your business event contributes to the organisation's goals
I have used this statement throughout all my marketing material. It makes it crystal clear that the clients we want to work with are culturally inclusive service based business leaders. It also tells our clients that we see ourselves as a partner coming to the table. And also, it leaves no doubt about what our clients can expect when they engage with us.
YOUR TO DO: Think about and then clearly communicate your proposition statement.

Step 3: Create Your Service Product Packages

Once you nailed down the ideal client and your value proposition statement, it’s time to look at how you can best help them.
Packages are a great solution because it helps the client see the solution, rather than expecting them to know what they need. (Spoiler: most clients don’t know what they need!)
For the packages to work well, they need to meet 3 criteria:

  • What you offer needs to sit within your genius zone (This goes back to episode 43).
  • The packages need to be targeted toward your ideal client (step 1)
  • The packages need to offer a transformation that your client is prepared to pay for.

Each package solves a particular problem. Because clients likely have more than one problem, it makes entirely sense to create your service product packages accordingly. (Don’t put everything into one solution. It’s unlikely a client will need everything.)
YOUR TO DO: Create at least 3 service packages.
For my business events agency, we offer these 3 packages:

  • An event management service package
  • A registration package
  • An event app

It’s then up to our clients to decide what problem they want us to solve. Sometimes we sell all 3 packages, sometimes it’s just one out of the 3.

Step 4: Establish Boundaries By Setting Values In Your Business

Last but not least, we need to talk about the values in your business.
On a superficial level, values may seem entirely isolated from the ‘How to attract the perfect client?’ question. You guessed it: they are not!
I’ve mentioned many times before that values are immensely important in business.

  • Values are the road markers of how you operate your business. It helps your team stay grounded and they make better decisions because they understand your core values.
  • Values give you boundaries and give you the ability to say ‘no’, but also to say ‘yes’ to the right work. It helps you to establish your not-negotiables in business.
  • And finally, when communicated well, values help you stand out against the competition. When clients see values they connect with, they are one step closer to working with you.

All these points bring you closer to the prefect client.
So… what are your values in business?
In my business events agency, we use Māori words followed by the English words and then a statement for each value.
Here’s an example of one value that guides my business:

Auahatanga; innovation and creativity.  
We have embedded innovation and creativity at the core of our operation. We like to think outside the box and ensure we infuse innovative techniques and creative ideas in to all projects.

Every time we decide or are thinking about a solution, we filter it through our values.  
YOUR TO DO: put together your core values and communicate them with your market in a way that resonates with you.

And that’s a wrap on the 2 part series that answers the question of how to create a business that is perfectly aligned with your talents, the way you want to live your life, all while attracting the perfect clients.
Did you find it helpful? Let me know!
If you struggle with the 4 steps towards ‘How to attract the ideal client?’, on the other hand, I can help! Simply give a yell and we can work together on your ‘Business Lifestyle Canvas’. At the end of it, you will walk away with clarity on your talents, the lifestyle you want to live, who you serve, the problems you solve, your value proposition, your packages, and your values. We’ll wrap it all up in a 2 page document that will send you away armed to create the business that is perfectly aligned with your talents and your lifestyle and attract the perfect clients!
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