How to Become a Digital Nomad

October 13, 2021

Are you sick of the rat-race and wondering how to become a digital nomad, but have no idea where to start or if it’s even possible? We have some news for you and her name is Yvette Mayer.  We have a chat with Yvette on our first Business Your Way Guest Episode. 

If you could have it any way you want, which location would you like to work from? 

Chiang Mai? Seattle? Amsterdam? Canggu? … Every single one of them?

I mean, it’s been on many people’s minds lately; working from anywhere but home. Often enough, it’s just a distant dream. But not for all.

My first Business Your Way guest, Yvette Mayer, is currently in an Airbnb in Queensland, away from all the major centres. She hasn’t seen a face mask in over a year. (Envy!!!) Her location of residence may change as she sees fit. Anywhere in Australia or the US is on the cards, really.

Does it mean she’s roughing it to allow for that lifestyle? Nope!

Remember my statement in the previous episode of ‘Business Your Way’ about running your business in a way it provides freedom of location, freedom of time and financial freedom? Well… she’s doing it! If you thought it was too good to be true, she’s the living proof it’s not.

The obvious question is, of course… HOW?

So, here’s Yvette’s story.

The  Rocky Road to Becoming a Digital Nomad

Yvette is a hotshot corporate animal with a knack for marketing. At least, she was until 2 and a half years ago, when she was done with office life. So, she just chucked it in.

Despite a lack of experience in the area, her initial move was a One on One Life and Health Coaching Business that soon pivoted to a Group Coaching Programme.

‘I saw what other people did and gave it a red hot go. I had absolutely no idea, and I sold nothing. But it made me realise I really wanted this, and that I needed to move from amateur to pro. And I needed to do it fast.’

So she whipped up a business workshop and a course that was targeted toward people on a happiness journey with modest success.

After 8 months of on-point LinkedIn marketing (Let’s be honest, Yvette knows how to play the marketing game), Yvette saw an increase in requests to help grow other life coaches’ businesses. So in order to cover her short-falling financials, she developed a Business Coaching Course which she ran alongside the Happiness Course. Fair to say those were crazy times.

This is when I met Yvette.

At the time she had just received some justified tough love: ‘ If you want to be successful, you are going to need to figure out what exactly you are doing.’

It proved to be a massive turning point. Yvette decided it was Business Coaching, not Life Coaching, that made her heart sing.

The rest came down to fine-tuning the programme and shifting it from a generalist ‘Course’ to a VIP ‘Mastermind’.

The Behind the Scenes Success Story 

 So when Yvette says she’s a Business Coach, and she’s freaking phenomenal at it, she means it with every fibre of her being.

The fact that her business is so scalable and that she’s now at a point where she can run her business at 25 hours a week and still cough up the $220,000 in revenue, means it also gives her the amazing digital nomad lifestyle she’d been hoping for all along.

In a nutshell, her entire business evolves around 3 products that cleverly feed into each other:

  • The Momentum Mastermind, her intense and very successful signature program for women who want to take their business to the next level.
  • The Limitle$$ Inner Circle Mastermind, a 6 month super-intimate higher-level mastermind.   
  • The Digital Product Academy, her latest baby, a 4 week sprint to creating any digital product for your business.

Yvette has plenty more nuggets of wisdom that you’ll find on the podcast. But here’s the biggest one of them all:


A Digital Nomad by Design

As she’s looking back on her journey, Yvette describes it as ‘incredible, challenging  and rewarding’. Those are probably understatements. Admittedly, there’s no such thing as an easy ride toward the business of your dreams. If you ask me, she’s still a bit giddy with the speed at which she managed to build her digital nomad business.

But here’s the deal…

People often mention how lucky Yvette is to live a digital nomad lifestyle. Her reply is that you create your own life, and she had to take some brave steps to get there ( like leaving her corporate six figure career and move out of her home to live out of her car and some Airbnb).

That’s a success story by design, not by luck.

SO… here’s my question to you: if you’re one of those people dreaming about becoming a digital nomad, what steps are you taking towards freedom of location, freedom of time and financial freedom?


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