Online Business Advice Beyond The BS

October 27, 2021

Teresa from Growth Strategies Cafe offers online business advice beyond the BS. Teresa doesn’t sell cleverly marketed  ‘secret recipes for success’ to her clients. Instead, she works in a very holistic common-sense way.  

‘If you want to be coddled, call your mum.
If you want to hear the truth, call Teresa.’

By her own account, Teresa is not a bullshitter.

She’s not a mean person in any way or form, but she’s of the opinion that she can’t help you unless it also involves constructive feedback. It’s meant in the kindest possible way. She cares… a lot.

Helping Women In Online Business

As a matter of fact, Teresa is on a journey to help other women in online business. She wants them to know they matter and their voice is needed.

Teresa herself is a survivor in a world that is very transient. Online business coaches come and go at a rapid pace, but Teresa’s business ‘Growth Strategies Cafe’ has been at it for over 13 years.

Her secret?

According to Teresa, it’s all about substance. You can’t stay afloat based on just hot air. Many of the online business coaches successfully sell courses and programs for a while, but that’s mainly because of great copywriting and marketing. Which, of course, is important. But it can’t be all there’s to it. Eventually people see right through it and abandon ship.

Which is a very fair point in my book.


Teresa’s Journey

An entrepreneur at heart, Teresa likes to work one on one because that’s how she makes the biggest impact.

Teresa always had a reputation for being a bit of a wild one. I guess you need to be wired a certain way, be a bit hard-nosed to make it as a business owner. But it doesn’t free you from the challenges.

Although she successfully ran several businesses prior to ‘Growth Strategies Cafe’, her biggest challenge was to trust her own instincts. I guess very few people are free from imposter syndrome. It’s how we handle it though, that matters.

So many of us carry our challenges and strives as a badge of honour. But like me, Teresa believes you shouldn’t have to feel miserable to be successful in business.

Which, of course, brings us to the topic of ‘Business Your Way’.

Creating A Successful Online Business

Teresa gets excited when we break the topic.

“I so wanted to talk to you about that!’ 

Teresa herself is living proof of the exact idea.

Despite the fact that many business theories proclaim you need a well-defined and narrow niche target audience in order to be successful in business, Teresa did no such thing. Instead, she squarely went against common advice.

Teresa’s goal was to help women in online business. Neither narrow nor well-defined. But that was what she did… with success.

No BS Online Business Advice

It’s the no BS fair and square common sense honesty that’s her trademark.

Teresa doesn’t sell ‘secret recipes for success’ to her clients. Instead, she works in a very holistic way.  

Like in any form of business, there is no hocus-pocus in creating a successful (online) business. The fundamental pillars need to be in place: You can’t do without some form of marketing, you need to be diligent with finances, you still have to manage the team.

How you fill in the detail however, is a very individual thing.

(We talked about this exact idea in our ‘4 Elements’ podcast and blog.)

 Nobody needs to do a Facebook Live in order to be successful if you don’t like to be in front of a camera. There are hundreds of other ways to market your business that don’t involve a camera. You need marketing, of course, but you can do it 100% your way.

 And then she serves up a brilliant nugget of wisdom that we all need to be reminded of:

‘You have to remember that all these ‘rules’ are made up.’

Oh yes! I have to say I wholeheartedly agree!

I guess I’m not a bullshitter either…?

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