You Can Use a Personality Quiz to Attract New Clients!

October 5, 2022

We’ve been at it for a while, the journey to play to your strengths in business. But what may have escaped our attention is how we can use a personality quiz to attract new clients. You know, the same personality quiz we used to identify our own strengths in business!
This is the story about a business owner, a quiz and a client.
It’s not a fairy tale. No, no, no!
It’s a real-life story!
This is how it goes.

Using A Personality Quiz To Attract New Clients

Once upon a time , there was a girl called Linda Sidhu. She was scoring big eyes in her work as a pharmaceutical saleswoman. What the other salespeople or her clients didn’t know was that she had a special gift: She was using DISC client profiling to engage with her clients.
She worked hard, and she was incredibly good at what she did.
Then, Linda became a mum. Her priorities changed, and she moved on from her pharmaceutical sales job.
Instead, she started an online business. But Linda’s special gift of personality types sales continued to serve her. To launch her first product, Linda developed a personality quiz to attract new clients. It was the kind of quiz none of us can resist. Nobody was mentioning the word DISC, that speaks. Instead, it featured pop divas like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Adele.
What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. The DISC personality quiz conversion rate went THROUGH THE ROOF. So much so that the quiz platform she was using wanted to know what she was doing.
Why am I telling this story?
THIS was the moment Linda realised what she had was special.

Playing To Your Strengths In Business

Linda realised she had a talent to design a very successful quiz marketing strategy. What came surprisingly easy to her was a lot harder for other people. And it was extremely useful for email database building.
So, Linda decided it was time for change…again.
Using her gift of client profiling, Linda started creating one-on-one Done-for-You Personality Quizzes for other businesses with the aim of attracting the perfect clients.
This went so well, Linda’s business was growing, … and growing…and growing.
But this is not where the story ends.
Rather than growing her team (as many other businesses would do), Linda went down a less common path.
She played into her strengths and grew her business by adding a group coaching program. It turned her Done-For-Your Service Agency into a Done-With-You Program Facilitator, avoiding the pains of a growing team. 
By the end of 2021, the 8-week group experience for entrepreneurs called The Quiz Lab was ready to see the public eye.

Learning About Quiz Marketing Strategy

This was when another agency owner called Sandra Julian was amongst the first to join the program.
Sandra learned about DISC profiling and how to design the special personality quiz questions Linda was so good at. Sandra was very impressed with what a simple, but well-designed personality quiz to attract new clients could do. So, she decided to share her knowledge with her friends.
That was quite important, because Sandra had been talking to her friends about
how to play to your strengths in business for a while. She had been talking about discovering your talents, about how the different personality tests could be helpful in that process, but also about the importance of bringing the right clients to your business.
Sandra realised that, although she had spoken about Linda Sidhu and her gift for personality quiz questions before, she needed to bring it back to her friend’s attention. Because what her friends may not realise was that not only can you use a personality profile test to identify what OUR talents are, but also WHO OUR CLIENTS ARE. 😳

Email Database Building And Personality Type Sales: The Potential Is Mind-Boggling!

And just like that, Linda’s special gift was spreading, and more and more people could discover the potential of what a simple quiz could mean for their business.  
Just think about it…
How big is the potential if we can willingly profile our clients with a quiz marketing strategy, use it for email database building, but also identify the perfect clients for our business?
It means we can lean into our own strengths in business, servicing the clients who we know will work well for us.  
But also, how often do we purposefully use or even mindlessly ponder DISC personality based sales? Linda applies her insights in personalities to offer different products to different clients based on personality. 😳
I KNOW….! Personality based marketing opens up a whole different set of opportunities!
I bet all of us will think very differently about the fun quiz we get drawn into next.

Obviously sales isn’t as random as we think it is. Maybe we should not only reflect on our own personality but also ask who we sell best to? And once we identify that, fine-tune our services and our products based on personality?

Just putting this out there. Food for thought, right?!🤔
Do you think, like me, the potential of client profiling is mind-boggling? I say, plug in the earphones and let Linda also be the instigator of your own real-life success story.
But I also understand if you’re full of questions. There is a lot to process, I agree! If that is the case, leave a video message, voice message, text message, whatever works for you
Can’t wait to find out more? Grab the Linda’s ingenious ‘Nail Your Quiz Idea’ FREEBIE. It’s the perfect place to start a personality quiz to attract new clients for your own business.

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