How to Play to Your Strengths?

March 2, 2022

The decision to play to her strengths was a key part in Linda Sidhu’s success in business. But how did she do it? And can we do it too?
Have you ever wondered...
Are you a Beyonce? Maybe a Taylor Swift? Lady Gaga? Or could you be an Adele?
I mean..
It may sound like a trivial question, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Because the answer gives you some important clues on how to approach people in business.
And as far as Linda Sidhu is concerned, it was a question that changed her life.
I know... HOW!? 🧠

The One Quiz To Start It All

t all started as Linda was looking back on a mighty successful career as a pharmaceutical saleswoman. Her secret weapon: DISC personality profiles.
But the day she became a mum, she turned her back on her demanding career.
Instead, she and a business partner founded an online company, starting with a new course in email marketing. To fuel the launch of the new course, Linda used her experience in DISC personality based sales to design a personality quiz. It featured pop divas: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Adele. 💡
The conversion rate went BERSERK. To the point where Interact (the quiz platform) got in touch to ask what she was doing. (And that’s a sign!)

The Epiphany On The Boat

Then sh*t hit the fan.
A global pandemic came out of nowhere. Her partner pulled out of the business. The invaluable email database…gone! POOF!
Linda was determined to start over. This time on her own.
It was at this point Linda found herself dreaming away on a boat in Seattle. Feet dangling in the water.
As she was sitting there, glaring over Lake Washington, she made a pledge with herself that from now on she was only going to play to her strengths.
It proved to be a lightbulb moment that was to guide Linda from there on.

Playing To Your Strengths In Business

Linda realised she had a natural talent for building other business email lists with personality quizzes. She discovered it came surprisingly easy to her, but proved to be a lot harder for other people.
She also thought it was a lot of fun, especially the personality aspect of it.
So… levering her strengths, Linda started creating one-on-one Done-for-You Personality Quizzes for other businesses.
This went so well, it 100% built Linda’s confidence.

Playing To Your Strengths Sometimes Means Handing Over

And so she went on a mission to help even more clients.
True to her promise to herself, Linda knew that playing to your strengths in business sometimes means tapping somebody else on the shoulder.
In full knowledge that creating a new course fell into that category, she hired an online curriculum coach who ‘extracted’ all of Linda’s gems of wisdom from her head. By the end of 2021, The Quiz Lab was ready to see the public eye.
The Quiz Lab is an 8-week group experience for entrepreneurs who prefer to quiz-build themselves.
Any guesses on who was amongst the first 9 to complete?
MOI! Yours truly!
Let me tell you, there’s a lot to it (especially if, like me, you’re not yet familiar with DISC profiles)! It’s absolutely fascinating and extremely rewarding. But most of all… it’s a pleasure to be in Linda’s world!


DISC Personality Based Sales On A Professional Level

As to the road from here for Linda?
Linda isn’t one to remain stagnant. Her new Quiz Lab baby may only be barely out of diapers, but she’s already tossing up new ideas, obviously entirely leveraging her strength and talent of ‘playing’ the DISC personalities.
 If Linda gets her way, she’s about to embark on a journey to get DISC-certified. Once she has that under her belt, she’s keen on doing workshops that teach people how to sell to different personalities.
Exactly what shape or form this will take in the end is not set in stone. But one thing is for certain: Linda is keen to see where an ongoing focus to leaning into her strength will take her!

How To Play To YOUR Strengths?

As to what all of that means to us…
There is so much to take from this. Where do I even start?
Do we lean into our own strengths in business? (Are we even aware of what our strengths are?) Do we know when it’s time to ask for help? Or are we getting caught in the trap of feeling like we need to do it all ourself? And how is that serving or damaging our business?
But also, how often do we purposefully use or even mindlessly ponder DISC personality based sales? Linda applies her insights in personalities to offer different products to different clients based on personality. I KNOW….!
Obviously sales isn’t as random as we think it is. Maybe we should reflect on our own personality? Ask who we sell best to? And once we identify that, get clear on who we should market our services and our products to? Just putting this out there. 🤔
The potential to me is mind-boggling. So, plug in the earphones and let Linda spark YOUR lightbulb moment!
And talk to me (or maybe send me an email)! What are your thoughts and ideas? Did you have a profound epiphany that took your business to newer heights? I want to know!

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