Powerful Questions for Business Owners

January 31, 2024

So often we’re focussed on finding the answers. But few things are more important in unleashing growth than asking the right, powerful questions for business owners.

Mr Einstein and I have more in common than I realised. (No, it’s not what you think! 😂)

Once upon a time, the good old man said this:

"If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes."

Interestingly, I’ve had the art of asking the right questions on my mind too.

🤔 How can I improve my business with better questions?
🤔 Do I ask enough questions?
🤔 Do I ask the RIGHT questions?

I’m not just talking about the questions you ask your clients in the pursuit of a solution to their problem. Although that’s pretty essential too.

Rather, in this instance, I’m thinking about the questions you should ask yourself ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.

Questions like:

👉 Who is my target audience, and what are their needs?
👉 What channels will I use to reach and connect with potential customers?
👉 Do I need a physical location, or can I operate virtually?
👉 What are my short-term and long-term business goals?
👉 What skills or knowledge do I need to acquire to succeed?
👉 What are the values I want my business to operate by?

Because let’s be honest, …. every pivotal moment in your business journey probably began with an all-important question.

I know it’s true for my business journey.

Why We Struggle With Asking The Right Questions For Business Growth

I don’t think anyone will argue about why asking the right questions for business growth is so important. However, I have my own theory as to why we don’t necessarily DO it.

In my opinion, asking ourselves questions leads to introspection, prompting us to explore our values, goals, and aspirations for our business.

I also deeply believe that our business won't grow any faster than our own personal growth as the founder and leader of our business.

Because ultimately, when we're driven by a genuine desire to understand and improve, our actions become purposeful, and our journey becomes more fulfilling.

So we have to ask ourselves: have we become more obsessed with finding answers (and be mighty fast at it too because, … who has time?), rather than figuring out what the right questions are that will really help us ahead?

How Can I Improve My Business With Better Questions?

So as I said, nobody in their right mind will deny the importance of asking powerful questions for business owners, but… WHAT IS THE RIGHT QUESTION?

It’s time to get practical.

What is the right question? And how do you know it’s right?

I have some tips for creating the right environment and skills for asking better questions about your business.

  • Above anything else, TAKE TIME. Be it for self-reflection, journaling, and introspection. Call it what you want. Do it any way you want. But unless you allow yourself the space to think, the questions that truly matter to you and your business will never reveal themself.
  • KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Approach challenges with a genuine desire to understand and learn rather than to judge. When you embrace a curious mindset, we avoid pre-wired beliefs and premature judgement.
  • PAY ATTENTION to what others are saying (again without judgement). This helps you formulate questions based on a deeper understanding.
  • BROADEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE BASE. The more you know, the more informed and powerful your questions can be. When you lean into personal growth, your business will grow.

But what exactly makes a question powerful?

A power question is one that is:

  • THOUGHT PROVOKING: Powerful questions for business owners stimulate thinking and encourage exploration of different perspectives.
  • GUIDES REFLECTION by prompting introspection, leading you to consider your values, goals, and motivations.
  • EXPOSES AND CHALLENGES ASSUMPTIONS you might have: better questions about your business challenges assumptions. It paves the way for innovative solutions and fresh insights.
  • GENERATES CONVERSATION: effective questions can spark meaningful conversations, fostering collaboration and shared understanding.

How To Create The Circumstances For The Right Questions About Your Business

While all the above probably makes sense on many levels, it’s obvious: who willingly goes to the uncomfortable, the challenging, or the unknown? 😂

That’s where a coach comes in. 

What Your Coach Can Do

I’ve spoken about this frequently and I can’t emphasise enough the importance of having a business coach. It won’t surprise you that this is also true in unleashing business growth with better questions.

Because it’s the role of a good business coach to…

  • ASK THE UNCOMFORTABLE (in the kindest possible way) to push you out of your comfort zone and promote self-reflection.
  • PROVIDE A DIFFERENT LENS and offer a fresh perspective.
  • HELP YOU SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES by guiding you through the maze of decision-making. They ask questions that stimulate strategic thinking, ultimately propelling your business forward.

What You Can Do

But so often, I’ve likened the role of a coach to being a co-pilot who is there to support you. Ultimately, the navigation and control of your airplane is in your own hands.

This means…

  • TAKING OWNERSHIP OF YOUR GROWTH JOURNEY. Like it or not, ultimately, the responsibility of asking powerful questions about your business lies with you. But having your coach to support you makes all the difference.
  • MAKING POWERFUL QUESTIONS PART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. Asking these questions about your business is not a one-off project. You need to get into the habit of checking in regularly. Your coach will cheer you on from the side-line.
  • TAKING THE TIME TO LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE. Our experiences in the business world are rich with lessons. A good coach has tons of experience, but nobody knows your business like you do. And every day you spend working in it, you learn. That is,…if we use these experiences to formulate insightful questions. What worked? What didn't? What can be improved? The answers are within you. Your coach will help you uncover them.

👉 Because true coaching is not providing the answer. It’s asking the right questions. And the best coach will teach you how to ask these questions yourself.

You know, as your co-pilot. 😉

Would You Like Some Help With That?

So…. Are you ready to take this journey of self-discovery, growth, and impactful questioning to the next level? But also, does the support of a good coach by your side make utter sense to you?

If you’re nodding right now, I'd like to invite you to work with me for the next 3 months.

Being Boss "Pāhi Puawai" is my coaching container. Inside this transformative space, we delve deep into the heart of your business, crafting powerful questions for business owners that pave the way for unstoppable growth.

Together, we'll explore, question, and strategize, unlocking the true potential of your business.

You as the captain, me as the wise and experienced co-pilot. ✈

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