Need to talk something through?

Whether you have questions about scaling your business, growing your team or you simply want an alternative perspective on a big decision, then one of my business growth or strategy sessions is what you need.   Get my eyes on your business! 

Business Coaching Session

Get started, get unstuck and get perspective to get moving.

This 60-minute business coaching session is part coaching conversation and part consultation designed to get you on the path to success with confidence.

  • Need to talk through something?

  • Want to get clarity of thought?

  • Got a question about scaling your service-based business?

  • Need to implement some effective tech tools, but confused by choice?

  • Want an alternative perspective on a big decision?

Scalable Growth Strategy

Are you feeling stuck in your business, on a plateau and not sure what you need to do to move to the next phase of scaling your agency?

For a small agency or a digital service-based business scale doesn’t necessarily occur as you grow and add more people to the team. In fact, it’s highly likely that profitability and productivity will take a dive if the foundations are not built for scalable growth.

In this session we’ll

  • Explore your business goals

  • Discuss the big hurdles holding you back

  • Identify the opportunities for efficiencies and productivity improvements

  • Determine exactly what you can do next to achieve scalable growth

Team Growth Strategy

Are you feeling crushed by the weight of the workload, the never-ending list of things to do and the client demands coming at you every day? Likely, you’re wondering how long you can keep this up before you burn out?

This is an indicator that you’re ready to hire a new team member.  But knowing who to hire, when to hire and what to delegate can be difficult decisions. 

In this session, we’ll

  • Explore your business goals

  • Uncover where you’re spending your time every day

  • Discuss the challenges that are holding you back

  • Identify opportunities for efficiency and productivity improvement

  • Determine what position you should add to your team and when