From Gut Feeling to Great Decisions: The Intuitive Entrepreneur

April 24, 2024

In the life of a business owner that’s riddled with challenges, becoming the intuitive entrepreneur is your secret weapon. When you quieten the chitter chatter inside your head with meditation and listen to the quiet wisdom of your intuition, you may well be on to your next big win.

It’s probably the last thing you ever expected to hear from a business coach, but there are some lessons to be taken from a Dog’s Great Escape. 🐶

It happened a few weeks ago.

It was an ordinary Sunday, and we were just chilling at home.

Suddenly, I heard my dog bark and immediately knew he had escaped the backyard.

Now you should know that my dog is the master escape artist. Nothing new in that respect. He’s a character with a mind of his own. If he decides it’s time to go exploring, he’ll find a way.

So, as per usual, I headed outside, ready to check the neighbours and the nearby streets.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, I had a voice inside my head, loud and clear, that said: “check the rail tracks”.

See, we have rail tracks behind our house that are only used on Sundays. This… was a Sunday. 🚆

The interesting thing is: It had never occurred to me to check the tracks. Nor had my dog ever ventured out that way. But this time, I felt this strong urgency.

Low and behold, on the rail tracks, …is my dog.

Needless to say, I rescued the little rascal just in time for the train to come past. 😰

It was a true gut feeling, a hunch. CALL IT INTUITION.

The Intuitive Entrepreneur

The thing is,… it’s happened before. Also in my business.

It feels like a nudge in my gut, a whisper in the back of my mind, guiding me to an answer or decision that logic alone can’t justify. And it feels pretty powerful when it happens.

Over the years, I’ve learned not to ignore it.

Absolutely, I’ve become The Intuitive Entrepreneur.

I’m not alone either.

From Steve Jobs to Richard Branson, many high-flying business people wilfully admit they use intuition in business decisions to great success.

I’m sure it has also happened to you.

If it hasn’t, this is probably the reason: Intuition doesn’t shout. 📣

You have to pay attention to hear its little voice. And more often than not, you have to silence the noise of busy-ness, ego and self-doubt.

So, as I’ve respected the power of intuition more over the years, I started doing a few things to increase my opportunities of using intuition for business success.

But first, let me dig a little deeper into how intuition can help you in your business journey.

5 Types Of Intuition For Business Growth

In "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind", a book I highly recommend, Vishen Lakhiani breaks down intuition into five types:

  1. Warning System Intuition: Think of it as your built-in radar for spotting potential dangers or obstacles. It's that gut feeling that tells you something isn't right or that gives you a sense of unease.
  2. Connection Intuition: This one's all about recognizing the interconnectedness of things. It guides you towards opportunities for collaboration. 
  3. Inspiration Intuition: Ever had that lightbulb moment? That's it! It's the spark that ignites innovative ideas and gives you the clarity and purpose to take action.
  4. Support Intuition: This type of entrepreneurial intuition nudges us to seek help from higher powers or the universe. It really doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself to be a religious person or not (or what religion that may be, for that matter). Call it angels, God, the universe, or anything else. It's like having a cosmic hotline for when you need answers.
  5. Higher Purpose Intuition: I’ve spoken a lot about recognising the values and passions that are driving our business journey. This intuitive decision making in business connects us with this, leading us towards work and activities that fulfil our souls, not just our bank accounts.

Sharpening The Power Of Intuition In Business With Meditation

Despite having a quiet voice, intuition is not as elusive as it sounds.

And there are some things you can do to amp up the volume of its voice in your head.

👉When you know intuition isn’t exactly loud, it makes sense to quieten down everything else so you can hear it.


Now, many people who want to practice meditation are told to chase the absence of thought. That’s passive mediation, and it’s only one form.

But where there’s ‘passive’, there’s also ‘active’.

Which is my option of choice when my aim is to hear my entrepreneurial intuition speak.

During active meditation, you allow your mind to be heard. And when you practice it enough (It’s very much like training your muscles at the gym: the more you do it, the better you become), you learn to differentiate between your intuitive mind and your critical mind.

But how do you do that?

The answer is “Thinkitation”.

Thinkitation: Integrating Meditation and Intuition in Business

Thinkitation is a meditation tool that was popularised by entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu.

Tom openly shares that 80% of his ideas that led to his success in business come from intuition. And Thinkitation is his secret weapon for tapping into the power of intuition in business.

It's a simple yet profound practice that combines meditation and thinking and admittedly, one I turn to myself.

Here’s how I do it.

I highly recommend you set aside some time during the day. (I personally love the morning, but you do you.)

  • You start by relaxing deeply. I mean really letting go of tension. You can do this with some deep breaths or whatever helps you unwind. 
  • Then, once you're in that zen-zone, you focus on the problem or question you've been chewing on. Visualize it, make it crystal clear in your mind's eye.
  • Then you ask your inner self, your soul (and this is the magic part), "What should I do?" And then, you just let your mind wander. No pressure, no forcing it. Just let those thoughts flow, and you'll be amazed at the wisdom that bubbles up.

Ultimately, Thinkitation is about trusting your gut in business , your intuition. It's like having a direct line to your inner wisdom and, to be honest, I find it incredible.

Why Is Intuition Important In Business?

When you run your own business, it’s all about hustling, grinding, and pushing our businesses forward. But let's be real. Sometimes it feels like there's barely enough time to put on your shoes in the morning, let alone think about the bigger picture.

I’m sure it’s not just me who finds that the real powerful insights seem to come during the moments in the shower, when you're contemplating what soap to use rather than focusing on all the problems you’re facing in the day ahead.

Which explains why setting aside some time for meditation could be the most productive thing you do all week.

So, here's my advice: put that quiet time on the calendar. Because that’s where the breakthrough, the inspiration, the genius is lurking. Waiting for us in those moments of intentional pause.

Your business, and your sanity, will thank you later.

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