Could VIP Days Also Work For You?

January 11, 2022

Work less, get paid more? Is it too good to be true or can it really be done? We talk to Sarah Masci, because… she did it. Thanks to her VIP days business model.

How to juggle…

  • 4 teenagers
  • 2 dogs
  • A husband working from home
  • And a busy business?

Sarah Masci knows how!

Enrol for her course and she’ll let you in on the secret of how she does it.

Of course… you can also listen to the Business Your Way podcast. (Guilty as charged! It most definitely is a mum joke.)  

But really, we hooked Sarah for a chat and I can tell you…she’s got me convinced! (I did her masterclass course myself. And the lady has my attention!)

According to Sarah, there are two ways you can run a branding and web design business. You can either work your socks off, day and night, 7 days a week.

OR you could venture into the VIP days business model.

Sarah started out doing the first, and out of desperation, stumbled upon the second. Little did she know it would land her exactly where she wants to be.

But let’s rewind and go back to where it all started.

Mums in business

Like so many of the women on the Business Your Way podcast, it was motherhood that made Sarah step away from her corporate office job. She became what she considered ‘a stay at home mum with something on the side’.

But the clash with her husband in what her financial role should look like made her determined to show him it was all worth it. The result was endless weekend and night work.

During a local trade show, people noticed Sarah’s talent for branding. Soon enough, her first clients rolled through the door. Dog with a bone that she is, she taught herself everything there was to know about brand strategy. She learned to design business logos and ventured into WordPress and Squarespace for web design.

The clients came thick and fast. They were mainly mompreneur type businesses, very much like Sarah herself.

Fast forward to 2018 and Sarah was stretched so thin she couldn’t even find the time to write a formal proposal for a return client. Out of desperation, she offered them a day of her time to do the work.

The rest is history.

Work less, get paid more

At one stage, in her pre-VIP days, Sarah signed a client for a 6 week project. Low and behold, it took almost 2 years (!!!!) to finally sign it off!

Unfortunately, as many of you will know,  it’s the nature of project work. Waiting for content, the back and forth, the follow-up, the worrying, the scope-creep and the needy retainer clients …. The stress is massive. The reward minimal. Work, on the other hand, is never-ending.

 BUT the VIP days changed all that!

People would book Sarah for a day (or multiple days); depending on the size of the project. There was no debate about when she would work and when she was off. It signalled the end of the scatter-brain problem Sarah had been struggling with. Money came through the door at a steady stream (unless Sarah wanted it otherwise), and as soon as the day was over… the work was DONE.

The best part? Her clients liked it too, because it meant the turnaround for their work was super-fast.

The birth of the VIP day course

As you can imagine, her VIP day business model didn’t go unnoticed and other mompreneurs wanted to know how she did it.

In reply, all the newly freed up time meant Sarah could hammer out a course alongside her VIP day’s work.

And before she knew it, Sarah’s business had morphed again. These days, her students are doing the branding and web design work… charged by the day. Of course, Sarah herself had to figure out how to manage a team and how to run Facebook ads for her crazy-popular course. Her initial Evergreen course as a result received a big make-over and is now fully fledged.

As for 2022 resolutions? Sarah’s goal is to make even better use of her team’s potential. So much of the work is still in her own head. She also wants to spend less time on her business. Better systems, improved workflows, and superior structures are the key to that.

Interested in the VIP day business model?

As for Sarah’s advice to anybody interested in the VIP day business model:

‘Start with dipping your toes in the water.
Instead of making your next proposal, pitch the VIP day idea to your client. Go through the entire process a couple of times, making adjustments as you learn what works and what doesn’t. Once the structure and the details are fine-tuned, you can automate the entire procedure.’ 

For herself, it not only meant she freed up a lot of her time and mind-space. She no longer needed a VA either!

I’m thinking that’s ticking an awful lot of boxes!

But of course, there is so much more to be said on the advantage of day rates as opposed to a project price. Maybe you have this little hunch that VIP days could solve a bunch of your own hurdles in business? If that’s the case, scoot over to the podcast and listen to Sarah describing her own journey that was nothing short of a small miracle.

But that’s not where it ends. Sarah Masci also offers a FREE VIP day checklist ( as well as a FREE VIP day masterclass ( to put you on YOUR journey to freedom. I mean, if she can do it, so can you, right?!
I really would love to hear what you think!

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