Your Brand Avatar is Your Best Friend

November 23, 2021

Your brand avatar is your best friend. If you want to attract your dream customers, you need some solid brand foundations. And Rachel Reiter is right on to it!


Welcome to Rachel’s world!

Rachel says you’re about to have a new best friend.

Say hello to your brand avatar!

Dream customers, heart-aligned branding, spot-on messaging, flourishing business …it’s the direct result of it.

I know…!

Mastering Your Own Brand

So about that new best friend, who is also your brand avatar, who is also your ideal customer…

It all comes down to asking the right questions. Lots of them.

Who is he or she? (let’s assume it’s a ‘she’) Is she a busy mum or an empty nester? What does her day look like? Is she a morning person? Does she check her phone as soon as she wakes up? Is she a bit of a mobile phone addict? Does she go for a run in the early hours of the morning? What does she think? Really, what goes on inside her head? 

The answer to all of this not only gives you brand clarity. It also sprouts a whole series of new ideas for your business. And they have a laser sharp aim.

The Hopscotch Branding Studio

As a brand stylist, Rachel typically serves flourishing female online entrepreneurs. Creating heartfelt brand personality is her special gift. Her exclusive brand discovery uncovers the true you.

Usually, her clients are successful and a few years deep into their business journey.

But then they get stuck. Something is missing and they can’t put their finger on it. They struggle to communicate their awesomeness and they’re tired of the Canva and Fiverr DIY game that fails to hit the mark. It’s messy. It’s exhausting too.

Rachel’s message is simple: brand clarity and consistency fast-track business success.

It’s her magic potion, and it served her so well for her own business.

Not that long ago, Rachel struck a point where her business growth hit a roof. 

But Rachel would not accept that lying down. Some things needed to change. The question was…What? And how?

Digital Products

The obvious choice in Rachel’s mind was extending her team with some graphic design contractors. Despite a few attempts, that road led nowhere. It clearly wasn’t the way.

So instead, she was given the advice to hone in on what was working so well for her business and to teach that to other people.

The result was Success with a capital S!

What makes her stand out from the other branding studios is the brand foundation process she takes all her clients through when she creates their visual brand.

Her Brand Alchemy signature course was the direct result. It’s aimed at an ‘earlier version’ of her one-on-one clients (read: they are at an earlier stage of their business journey) Rachel’s course takes them through the visual translation of their authentic brand.

Since then, the offerings have been expanded even further with the Design Wizz mini course and the Branding Hub monthly membership. 

The Hub is a nurturing positive-vibe community that allows you access to feedback, templates and resources such as customizable illustrations and icons.

Rachel lights up when she speaks about it. She’s clearly extremely proud. The podcast even scored a reveal as Rachel announces that she about to open up the Branding Hub to new members.

Business Your Way – Rachel’s World

I’m very impressed with how in-tune Rachel is with her own business.

When I compliment her on it, of course, she contributes it to walking the talk. Her own business avatars help her align with the different stages her clients are on in their business journey. She forever fine-tunes them, stowing away little nuggets of extra insight.

And as her products grow, the entire business shifts with it. Slowly but steadily, the focus is aimed at the digital products rather than the one-on-one work. I guess the old adage of ‘where the energy flows, the fruit will be’ holds true.

Best of all, as her own family grows, her business is growing with them.

All is well in Rachel’s world!


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